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Delhi Travel Precautions

New Delhi is often the first place to visit on every traveler’s diary when landing in India. The place is most frequented by tourists during later half of the year, because the summers of Delhi are very hot, dry, dusty and unbearable and the chances of getting sunstroke is high during summers. So in order to get perfect experience to explore this city, it is advisable to take few precautions both in terms of your health and safety. New Delhi, the capital city of India is like any other hi-fi city of the world with all the modern facilities and infrastructure. You will not find any problem finding a hospital or a chemist outlet in times of emergencies. The city is full of hospitals and medical shops that are open 24 hrs a day round the clock for providing all sorts of health care services.

Precautions are always better then cure, so one should always take care of few things when they are in Delhi.

  • Always carry plenty of fluids like boiled and filtered or bottled mineral water, fresh juices, and a packet of glucose powder to save you from dehydration.
  • Carry a handy first aid box with basic medicines for an upset stomach, vomiting and fever or headache.
  • Use a good company sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF with UV filter to guard your skin from tanning and scorching sun stroke.
  • Do not eat open lied food items. Make sure wherever you stop for picking up any snack , the place is clean or not and whether the food is prepared hygienically or not.
  • In times of visiting a doctor, make sure you go to a reputed and certified doctor only.
  • Before your departure from here it is advisable to get shots of tetanus, cholera, typhoid etc to save you from any future disease.

These were few health care tips for a traveler in Delhi, apart from all this, an outsider who is unaware of Delhi life is advised to take certain social measures as well. Indians are very sentimental and highly possessive of their religions. Try not to offend them in any manner and respect their customs and rituals. And stay way from beggars and touts and brags.

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